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Feeling under the weather can have a big impact on your day-to-day life. Healthimax provides over the counter medicines to alleviate symptoms of illnesses and discomfort, so you can get better soon


Why sign up to Healthimax?

Build your personal Healthimax Dashboard

Free video consultations to find the right product for you

Exclusive discounts on health products and OTC medicines

Discounts on travel vaccines

Reorder reminders before you run out of products

Delivery to any UK address

Healthimax Comprehensive Health Checks

Healthimax health checks take place at our Bedford location, or at offsite visits

Healthimax state of the art health checks are designed to give you an understanding of your overall health, and help you identify where you can make changes to maximise your health.

Together with your Healthimax dashboard, you can monitor your progress and get suggestions about products that can help.

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BodyMax Test

Discover your water and body fat content, and set targets for a healthier lifestyle.

ActMax Test

Artery Check Technology – Pulse and Sp02 (oxygen saturation) analysis, detecting stiffness of the arteries.

LifeMax Test

Lifestyle aspects that impact your health, like eating a balanced diet and regular exercise.

HealthiMax Test

Expert advice about what you should be aiming for and products that may help.