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Night Nurse liquid

Night Nurse liquid

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A restful night's sleep is important when you're fighting cold and flu symptoms, which is why Night Nurse have specially formulated a liquid to help target symptoms such as headache, tickly cough, aches and pains. Just one dose is enough to provide relief and aid in a good night's sleep so you can wake up the next morning that little bit stronger. Containg eight doses with a soothing mint flavour.

Night Nurse liquid contains three ingredients;

Promethazine - an antihistamine which dries up runny noses.
Dextromethorphan - a medicine that suppresses a tickly cough.
Paracetamol - a painkiller that can also reduce temperature and relieve aches and shivers.

About The Product




Peaceful night sleep

Relieves aches, pains and shivers

One dose per evening

Specially developed triple action

Soothing mint flavour

8 doses per bottle

Ideal for those who dislike tablets

How To Use:

Fill measure cup to 20ml mark (or four 5ml spoonfuls) and take just before going to bed.