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Bioglan Womens Multi-Vitamin 60 Vitagummies

Bioglan Womens Multi-Vitamin 60 Vitagummies

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Bioglan Women's Multi-Vitamin VitaGummies with tailored vitamins & minerals for Women's health
Delicious lemon, orange and blueberry flavoured gummies
Vitamin B6 supports balance of hormonal activity & helps reduce tiredness & fatigue
Bioglan VitaGummies Women's Multivitamin supports Women's everyday health in a tasty, soft and chewy gummie format. Tailored with a blend of Vitamins and Minerals to support the immune system, release energy from your food and keep hormones balanced.

Vitality - Vitamins B6 & B12 help reduce tiredness & fatigue Wellbeing - Vitamins B6 & B12 support normal psychological function Nervous System - Vitamins B6 & B12 help support the working of the nervous system Hormone Balance - Vitamin B6 supports balance of hormonal activity Teeth - Vitamin D helps support healthy teeth Immune System - Vitamin C helps support the immune system Bones & Muscles - Vitamin D helps absorption of calcium & helps support healthy bones & muscle fucntion

About The Product


Per Gummy:

Iodine 50µg

Vitamin B6 0.7mg

Vitamin D2 2.5µg

Vitamin B12 1.25µg

Vitamin D3 2. 5µg

Folic Acid 100µg

Vitamin C 30mg

Vitamin E 6mg

Niacin 8mg

Zinc 1.5mg


60 gummies